26th November 2015

About the Society


With the society roots being founded in 2014, MUDRSoc was created by students, for students. Not only students at Manchester University, but those from all dental schools across the UK. The idea for a national research conference and society was envisioned by Mohammad Jaberansari who put a team together and along with Ismail Khalil and committees along the way, expanded the society to as you see it today.

After three hugely successful research conferences held in Spring 2015, 2016 and 2017, with the likes of the Chief Dental Officer and world-renowned Professors from across the UK, the society has built solid foundations and has and embedded into student life as a society for undergraduates to get involved with. With the student attendance at our events, it is clear that there is a need for academic events.

We as a society are here to help students get involved with the world of dental research and to disseminate information. Our ultimate goal is to promote academia to undergraduates and highlight the latest advancements in dentistry, help develop core practical skills and boost networking opportunities at a local, and national level. Our events range from talks, forums and workshops, all the way to our nationally renowned annual Research Conference, giving students a platform to get involved in the big wide world of Dentistry. We hope that by attending our events, students will be able to acquire that extra competitive edge when applying for work opportunities and the like, in the future.

We look forward to seeing you all at our highly anticipated event of the year, the British Undergraduate Dental Research Conference (BUDRC) which will take place on Saturday 16th March 2019!

Look out for regular updates on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (@mudrsoc), and not to mention our weekly blog!

We welcome collaboration with like-minded groups and encourage students from all universities and dental courses to attend our events.

divisionofdentitry_4colThe student society is supported by the Manchester University Division of Dentistry. Professors Paul Coulthard and Helen Worthington among other staff have supported the society to allow the previous conferences to be truly exceptional and of a very high calibre. We are very grateful to the support provided and we hope this is reflected in the high standard of events which we set to deliver.

Manchester is home to much of the research carried out not only in Dentistry, but across all academic fields and has gained international recognition. The  research undertaken at Manchester is world-leading and aspires to have significant impact on improving oral health, reducing inequalities and improving the delivery of dental services and clinical care. Thus, it is only fitting that the first student research societies was founded in Manchester.

Manchester achieves this through excellent facilities and having the best researchers in the country, if not globally. Manchester is also home to the Cochrane Oral Health Group (COHG) which publishes summaries of the best quality research available. The research produced by the COHG is recognised as the highest standard of evidence-based oral healthcare decision-making resources and is used to implement policies which affect our delivery and quality of care. Because of this high-quality research, many other cities across the globe have made links with Manchester to collaborate in producing better research protocols.

For more information on the research taking place at Manchester and the work the COHG is carrying out, please visit: