23rd January 2018

Wikipedia Project

Wikipedia Project 2018-2019


In 2016 Dundee Dental School launched the Dundee Dental Wikipedia Editing

Project, with the support of the Cochrane Collaboration, to expand and improve

dental Wikipedia. Following growing interest from the dental community, the

Wikipedia Collaboration was launched in 2017 to include numerous participant

dental schools in the UK, North America, Africa and Canada. This includes Dundee,

Glasgow, Aberdeen and Manchester in the UK, Harvard, Tufts and NYU in the USA,

and the University of Toronto in Canada.


Why do students join?

By participating students are contributing to the future of the dissemination of dental

information. Joining group is an excellent opportunity for networking by getting to

know dentists and dental students in and out with your own school. It’s a great way to

update and share knowledge for the benefit of patients, dental students,

professionals as well countries with no access to high-quality information!


Aim & objectives

Our vision is to work as an international community of students, dentists and academics

to enhance the accessibility of accurate, up-to date, evidence based information through

Wikipedia. We want to enable the existence of a large online community of editors that

will work collectively to maintain, update and expand articles.

Dental Schools and dental professionals globally, along with partnering organisations

have a vested interest in the concept of improving the quality of publically accessible

Dental information, and the latter includes the Cochrane Oral Health collaboration, the

International Association for Dental Research (IADR), the International Dental Federation

(FDI) and also the World Health Organisation Oral Health Department (WHO ORH) whose

remit includes enhanced e-Health initiatives.

There has also been an expression of interest from the Royal College of Physicians and

Surgeons of Glasgow (RCPS) whose current Dental Dean Professor Graham Ogden has

acknowledged the potential value of Dental Wikipedia to improve evidence base. With

the appropriate information and a co-ordinated approach there is potential for any

Dental School anywhere in the world to become involved.



October, 2018

In October 2018 more than 30 dental students from Manchester Dental School joined Wikipedia Project. Six groups of participants have been created and after long discussion process reached a consensus on the list of Wikipedia website topics and pages which need to be updated this year.

• Dahl effect
• Epulis
• CAD/CAM dentistry
• Dental Avulsion
• Alveoloplasty
• Tuftelin
• Buccal exostosis
• Jaw abnormality
• Edentulism
• Guided bone and tissue regeneration
• Height of curvature
• Face-bow
• Veneers
• Root fracture
• Gum lift
• Gingival graft
• Apicoectomy
• Zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture
• Tooth discoloration
• Embrasure (dentistry)


January, 2019

Participants have successfully submitted their first semester work!

Covered topics are:

  • Dahl effect • Epulis • CAD/CAM dentistry • Dental Avulsion • Alveoloplasty

“Really proud of our Wikipedia Project participants this year who smashed their first allocated topics! The engagement this year has been outstanding! New topics are coming soon, so…lets keep on rollin’!” – Nik 😁 (Wikipedia Project Lead)

After a week break students have received their second topics to work on in the semester two.

Find photos from our introduction event below:

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